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Introduction to Microsoft Excel
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Introduction to Microsoft Excel
Introduction to Microsoft Excel
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Most leaders are self taught when it comes to Microsoft Office®.  Typically, you know how to do what you do all the time.  What happens when your business or ministry grows, expands, or changes?  You are technically left behind, and the need to expand your technical knowledge and skills exist.  It’s time for some formal training.  Here is what you’ll learn.

Learning Outcomes:

•    Start Excel 2007
•    Excel screen orientation (menu and toolbar functionality)
•    Move the active cell to different areas of the worksheet
•    Plan and create worksheets
•    Enter and edit numbers, text, and formulas
•    Save, close, and open files
•    Move and copy data
•    Enhance the appearance of a cell, range of cells, and the entire worksheet
•    Preview and print worksheets
•    Set up and adjust the worksheet layout

Course Length:  4 hours

Training Materials:  Each student will receive a manual designed to be used as both an in-class and after-class reference tool.

Class Location:  Virtually or at your business, organization, or ministry

Course Prerequisites:  This course is designed for learners who have a working knowledge of the keyboard, the mouse, and Microsoft Windows.

Technology can serve as the key to your leadership success. Enroll now and don't get left behind because of technological advances.

This class is offered for a $300 donation per person and $1,500 for a group of six.  You, ministry or business leader, are trained for free!
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