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Support for Passing Every Test of God
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Support for Passing Every Test of God
Support for Passing Every Test of God
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In this video, Apostle Karen will arm you to pass the tests, trials, and tribulations you find yourself in. You will understand Father’s goal in testing you, the Truth about the various types of tests, and how all tests, sufferings, and trials fall under only one category in the eyes of Our Father.

You will also learn how to:

  • Take authority of your thoughts
  • Respond in a way that reflects an accurate reflection of Christ
  • Stay focused on passing your test versus being concerned with others that appear to be completing their testing season faster than you
  • Handle the impatience your leader is demonstrating because you are not passing the test
  • Approach the lack of support your leader is providing while you are in the thick of the test
  • Properly secure the necessary instruction to pass the test
  • Implement visual strategies to help you pass the test
  • Carry the heavenly promotion gained in passing the test everywhere you go
  • Destroy the personal record of wrongs that are keeping you from passing the test
  • Assign an expiration date to injustices so that you can be propelled to the finish line of a season of testing
  • Receive the discipline and resurrection power necessary to pass the test
  • And so much more . . .
This video is accompanied by:

  1. A prophetic instructive dream that ensures you are taking the right test from the right textbook in order to pass God’s tests.
  2. Apostle Karen’s ministry engagement prep notes, which will give an insider view into how she passed multiple tests using the strategies illustrated in the video.
Beloved, you will find yourself printing out these two resources and cuddled up in His presence receiving from them over and over again! Add this power-packed DVD to your leadership resource library by ordering now.

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